In the not so distant future, we might have AIs intelligent enough to replace managers in companies. I imagine a company having an AI agent, complete with a personalized avatar, voice, and personality. This AI would be able to perform daily video call with employees and CEOs, oversee projects progress, write emails, make suggestions, etc.

I feel like this could actually happen before AI just replace all form of work. This could lead to a situation where some employees have an AI as a direct boss.

One question is: would people accept to work for an AI? My initial intuition was that they wouldn’t because, being social animals, we need human connection to keep motivated and enjoy work.

However, on second thought, I think that if the AI can convincingly mimic human discussion, our instinct will be tricked to perceive it as such, even if we know very well that this is all fake, just like we can get satisfaction watching pornography even though we know that it does not make sense from an evolutionary point of view.

So my (silly) prediction is that initially there will be a resistance to AI managers, but eventually people will accept it and even prefer it to human managers, because an AI will have more patience, better communication skills, and even possibly better understanding of human psychology.